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Equpment recommendations 

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Players Corner

RUN TEST for 2017 Tryouts

​3/300 yard sprints, Varsity to hit under 75sec, JV under 80sec, L3 (& newcomers) under 85sec.  There will be a 3 minute break in between each 300 yard sprint.

15/50 yard shuttles, 30 seconds to complete, with a 60sec break in between each 50 yard sprint.

15/50 yard sprints - You must complete the sprint in less than 20 seconds. You will get a 50 second break in between each sprint.

Stick work Test- Denver Women's Lacrosse Session #2. See YouTube video to the left. 

2017 VIDEO

​​Special thanks to Mikala Di Manna and Maeve Hungerford for their hard work on producing this year's video.

Please check back to view this year's fabulous flashback!

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Team 180


​Denver Summit

Stickwork Videos

Club Programs

​O Y O  (on your own)  Workouts